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Help: My G Suite account is being closed in 15 days

Sadly, I received an email recently that my G Suite account is being closed in 15 days. I understand I may buy that account from an unauthorized reseller. I have to migrate the data these days.

I have the other g suite account and want to check if it has the same problem. Is there any way to verify the account? Because if it has the same problem, I can do the data migration as soon as possible.
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I also have a grandfathered legacy account and received this email yesterday.  This is just an extortion attempt to get more $$.  I will be warning all the people I know in person and online about what Google is doing so they can move their email services away from Google, including domain registrations and advertising and anything else they may already be paying for like myself.  Shameful a big company like Google would do this to a small company like us and probably many others who just scrape by.  Disgusted!
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HI Dean,

All you need do is sign into your admin control panel and that will prevent your account from been deleted. that will show the system that your account is activity
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HI Jackie,

All you need do is sign into your Admin control panel with your admin account that will keep your account active and once you sign in then you will get a confirmation email.
I don't think it's that easy.  This is the body of the email I received:

Hello Administrators,

It appears your G Suite account was acquired from an unauthorized reseller who provided these services in violation of Google’s Terms of Service. This means that we must close your existing account, and you will be required to register a new one to continue using G Suite.

To avoid future issues, you need to know:

  • We’re closing your existing G Suite account on 2018-01-02
  • You can still save your data so that it will be available to you after your account is closed. You must migrate your data no later than 2017-12-29 or it will be deleted. 
  • To continue using our services, you can register a new G Suite account and your first 14 days will be free, along with support for the duration of the subscription. If you have saved data from your old G Suite account prior to the deadline above, you will be able to migrate that data into your new account. 

We apologize for any inconvenience. 


The G Suite Team
Yeah, I'm sure they are really sorry.  We have had this account for years and they are now forcing us to open a new one, setup all the users and groups over again, in less than a month and pay for it too along with our time to do so, and they think it's no big deal?  Obviously they have never had to manage one of these accounts.  I manage many of these accounts, and trust me if this one gets closed I will be sure to have every one of the other ones we manage also moved to our exchange servers and will spread the word of this extortion attempt like wildfire.  We may not be Google making billions of dollars, but we, just like our clients and the many others who will read about what's happening with the legacy email accounts, do pay Google now for other services.  That will change as there are other options out there and it appears Google has gotten to big for it's own good if they have to resort to this tactic now to squeeze even more money from Joe Public.  Time to cut Google down in size a little so they realize it's Joe Public that supports them now and if they want Joe Public's support in the future they need to change their tactics.  First thing I'm doing is closing all AdWords accounts I have access to so I can save $$ and hire help to move all the G Apps accounts over.  Disgusted!

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So look like you may have purchase your Gsuite account from someone who wasn;t authorized to sale you a GSuite account so you will need migrate your data and open a new Gsuite account. 
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Hi Jackie, 

We have no way to confirm via this channel whether your other account will also be affected by this or not. However, I can suggest that you back up your data if you think this could also happen with it.



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