What is a verified third-party app?

A verified app is a third-party app that’s been reviewed by Google to ensure compliance with security and privacy requirements. Third-party apps that haven’t been verified by Google might be subject to restrictions. Note that many well-known apps might not be listed as verified.

How do app developers and users get a third-party app verified?

Review the OAuth API Application Verification FAQs, and submit the app for verification from the API Developer Console.

Why would a third-party app be unverified?

Google implemented the verification process to help provide confidence and consistency with regard to security and privacy. The verification process for an app might not be completed for the following reasons:

  • The app developer isn't accessing sensitive data and isn't required to submit the app for verification yet.
  • The app developer is accessing sensitive data but hasn't requested verification yet.
  • The app developer is accessing sensitive data and has been rejected because they use an unsupported application type or don't meet limited use requirements. (for details, see Google API Services User Data Policy).

Review the verified status of your third-party apps

You can review the Verified status of your third-party apps from the App access control page in the Google Admin console:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console at admin.google.com.
    Be sure to sign in using the credentials for your administrator account, and not your personal Gmail account.
  2. Go to Security > API controls.
    From this page, you can view the Verified status of apps in the app table. Each app is listed as Google verified or Not Google verified

Place apps into a list of trusted apps

Installations of unverified third-party apps that are subject to restrictions will be blocked—unless you indicate that the app is trusted. You can review your list of third-party apps on the App access control page, and decide which apps you want to trust and allow users to install. For details and instructions, see Control which third-party & internal apps access Google Workspace data.

When you trust a third-party app, users who don't already have the app will be able to install it, whether or not the app is verified. Additionally, the app will have access to any Google Workspace APIs (OAuth 2.0 scopes) that you restricted using API controls.


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