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Migrate classic Sites to new Sites

You can use the Classic Sites Manager to help you and your users manage the transition from classic Sites to new Sites. You can identify sites to delete and sites you might want to convert.
With the Classic Sites Manager, an administrator can see all of the classic Google Sites websites that exist in your organization and information about each site. For example, you can see how many times each site has been viewed over the last month.

Give access to the Classic Sites Manager

Individual users can only see the classic Sites websites that they own in the Classic Sites Manager. However, anyone with the Manage classic Google sites admin privilege or Services Admin privileges can see all the sites in your organization. For steps, go to Assign specific admin roles.
  • If a user is not able to create New Sites, they will not be able to convert Classic Sites.
  • It might take up to 2 hours for changes in sites to reflect in Classic Sites Manager. 

Use the Classic Sites Manager

  1. Go to the Classic Sites Manager.
  2. Click on a site to see information about it, including a link to the conversion tool to convert the site to new Sites.
  3. Click Filter  and choose from the following criteria:
    • Title contains
    • Owner email
    • Views in the past 30 days
    • Last viewed date
    • Last edited date 
    • Creation date
    • Status (Live, Deleted, or Migrated)
  4. Click a column header to sort sites by name, last edited date, or views in the past 30 days.
  5. Check the box next to a site’s name to select it and click an option at the top. Note: You can select sites individually or select multiple sites to complete bulk actions.
    • Delete—You get an email when deletion is complete. You can restore it within 30 days.
    • Restore—Restore a recently deleted site.
    • Convert—Convert a site from classic Sites to new Sites.
    • Update owners—Add or remove owners for the site.
    • Disable editing—Prevent the site from being edited anymore.
    • Enable editing—Allow the site to be edited.
    • Download—Download the site using Google Takeout.
      This option is not available if the Google Takeout service is disabled.
  6. Click Export to Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet of your data. 

Note: Last viewed date is available only if a site has been viewed more recently than April 2020.

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