Downgrade to G Suite for Nonprofits

If you upgraded to G Suite Business or Enterprise for Nonprofits, you can downgrade to your free Google for Nonprofits subscription.

You can also downgrade from G Suite Enterprise to Business and keep your discounted pricing. For details, see Downgrade to G Suite Business edition.

What features will I lose?

Downgrading from G Suite Enterprise

If you downgrade from G Suite Enterprise for Nonprofits to G Suite for Nonprofits, you lose access to the features listed here as well as the ones listed below in Downgrading from G Suite Business.

  • Data loss prevention—You can’t define rules that protect privacy and prevent users from sharing sensitive content in Google Drive with people outside your organization.
  • Security and business controls—You lose the ability to monitor sensitive content in emails, files, and images, as well as to secure accounts and email with security keys and S/MIME encryption.
  • Work Insights—You can’t access the reporting tool to get detailed metrics on your users’ G Suite adoption, work patterns, and collaboration.

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Downgrading from G Suite Business

If you downgrade from G Suite Business for Nonprofits to G Suite for Nonprofits, you lose access to these features and services:

  • Google Vault—You can’t access the service, even if you had Vault licenses for all or part of your domain before upgrading to G Suite Business for Nonprofits. Also, holds and retention rules stop protecting your organization’s messages and files. Data that users deleted more than 30 days ago is immediately removed from all Google systems and you can’t recover it. Read about how to Prevent loss of data protected by Google Vault.
  • Storage capacity—Users have 30 GB, not 1 TB, of storage. You keep any storage promotions you had before downgrading. However, if you or users purchased other storage, it isn’t automatically restored. To prevent storage restrictions on Gmail, Drive, and Google Photos, see Prevent storage restrictions for users.
  • Some administrative controls—You can’t access advanced audit, reporting, sharing, Drive custom alerts, and other administrative controls that are available only with G Suite Business for Nonprofits.
  • Organization-specific settings—If you’ve applied Drive settings to specific organizational units, everyone in your organization inherits the settings of your top-level organization, but the organizational structure itself isn’t changed.
  • Predefined content detectors—Downgrading removes any predefined content detectors for data loss prevention from any settings that use them.
  • Automated user-provisioning applications—If you have more than 3 automated user-provisioning applications, remove this feature from all but 3 of them before downgrading to G Suite Basic.

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Downgrade your G Suite subscription

Follow these steps to downgrade from G Suite Enterprise or Business to G Suite for Nonprofits.

Before you begin, learn about data loss and storage restrictions in What to do before you downgrade.
  1. Downgrade to G Suite Basic edition.
  2. Submit a request to convert your G Suite Basic subscription to G Suite for Nonprofits by contacting G Suite support.

Important: From the time you contact G Suite support, it can take approximately 5 days for your G Suite Basic account to be converted to G Suite for Nonprofits. When you’re on G Suite Basic, you’ll pay the standard price of USD 6 for each user every month, prorated for the number of days you’re on this subscription.

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