Downgrade to G Suite Business edition

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Available if you make payments on the monthly Flexible Plan. If you're on the Annual Plan, you can switch editions after you Switch from Annual to Flexible Plan.

If you had a G Suite Enterprise subscription, your subscription is now Google Workspace Enterprise Plus. If you have Enterprise Plus edition, you can downgrade to G Suite Business edition.

Important: Only customers with Enterprise Plus can downgrade to G Suite Business. We recommend you switch to an edition of Google Workspace instead. Learn more.

What features will I lose?

If you downgrade from Enterprise Plus to G Suite Business, you lose access to these features and services:

  • Data loss prevention—You can’t define rules that protect privacy and prevent users from sharing sensitive content in Google Drive with people outside your organization.
  • Security and business controls—You lose the ability to monitor sensitive content in emails, files, and images, as well as to secure accounts and email with security keys and S/MIME encryption.
  • Work Insights—You can’t access the reporting tool to get detailed metrics on your users’ G Suite adoption, work patterns, and collaboration.

Downgrade to G Suite Business

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, at the top left, click Menu ""and thenBillingand thenGet more services.
  3. Scroll to G Suite Business and click Downgrade.
  4. Review the impact this change will have on your organization, and then click Get started.
  5. (Optional) Under Flexible Plan, click Add promotion code and enter any promotional code you have.
  6. Click Checkout.
  7. Click Place Order.
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