Overview: Get details about devices

Get status and user details for devices that access your organization’s data

You can get details about mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and their users in a few different places. Each location provides different information and action options, summarized in the following table.

Tip: To get automatic emails for mobile device management issues that require your attention, such as when a device is compromised or reports suspicious activity, you can set up alerts. Learn more

What device information do you want?

Information Use the information to...
A list of mobile devices that a user accesses their work account on

Manage (wipe, block, approve) mobile devices for a specific user.

Go to Admin consoleand thenUsersand thenusernameand thenManaged devices.

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A list of all managed devices and endpoints 

Inventory all devices (personal, company-owned) and endpoints that a user accessed their work account on. Depending on the management type, you can review:

  • Device security settings
  • Device properties
  • User contact information
  • Installed apps

Go to Admin consoleand thenDevices and click DevicesMobile devices, or Endpoints.

Learn more (mobile)

Learn more (endpoint)

A list of company-owned devices

  • Manage the inventory of company-owned devices
  • View information about iOS device enrollment
  • Access management and audit tools

Go to Admin consoleand thenDevicesand thenMobile & endpointsand thenCompany owned inventory​​​​​​​.

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A list of devices that require admin approval


View and approve devices that require admin approval to access your organization's data.

Go to Admin consoleand thenDevicesand then Mobile & endpointsand thenDevice Approvals​​​​​​​.

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Graphs of the number of users by mobile device type over time

View and export time series data of active mobile devices and device users by platform.

Go to Admin consoleand thenReportsand thenDevicesand thenMobile devices.

(Or Admin consoleand thenDevicesand then Mobile & endpointsand thenReports​​​​​​​.)

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A list of events on devices and endpoints

Troubleshoot device issues. For example, you can learn what system events occurred on the device leading up to the issue. These events include the following:

  • Operating system updates
  • App installation, update, and removal

Go to Admin consoleand thenReportsand thenAuditand thenDevices​​​​​​​.

(Or Admin consoleand thenDevicesand then Mobile & endpointsand thenAudits.)

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