Manage Drive shortcuts (beta)

Google Drive shortcuts make it easier for your users to reference and organize files and folders in multiple locations. Shortcuts are currently in beta.

Note: We are no longer accepting new applications to the shortcuts beta program. 

Why use Drive shortcuts?

Shortcuts are pointers to files or folders. Use shortcuts for quick access to files that are stored in another Drive location.

For example, a file can exist in only one shared drive. If you want to access a shared drive file in multiple  places, you’d need to make copies of the file. Because copies can quickly get out of date, it’s better to use shortcuts to reference a shared drive file in multiple locations. 

Unlike shared drives, files can exist in multiple locations in My Drive. Using shortcuts instead reduces confusion about file ownership and sharing permissions passed down from folders. 

How does the user experience change?

With the shortcuts beta, the existing “Add to My Drive” option is replaced with “Add shortcut to Drive” in most places in the user interface. This change is made in Drive on the web, the Drive preview window, and Google Docs editors. In Gmail, the “Save to Drive” option will become “Add shortcut to Drive” if the file already exists in Drive. 

See how shortcuts work

Files that currently live in 2 or more places in My Drive will continue to do so at this time. Shift-Z will still work to create files in multiple locations (except in shared drives), as will holding Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) and dragging a file.

Train your users

To learn how to create and delete shortcuts, refer to the end user Help.

Send us feedback

We value your input, and appreciate your help to make Drive shortcuts a success! Please send your feedback to 

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