Customize Meet for your organization

As an administrator, you can customize Google Meet to help your users get the most out of their experience.

Customize video meetings

Turn recording on or off

Depending on your edition, you can turn meeting recording on or off. If you turn on recording, meeting organizers and participants in the same organization can record video meetings.

For details, see Turn recording on or off for Meet.

Turn live streaming on or off

Depending on your edition, you can turn on live streaming to allow up to 100,000 people to watch a Google Meet video meeting. 

For details, see Turn live streaming on or off for Meet.

Let people in your organization use Meet in Gmail
When Google Meet is on, users in your organization can use Meet in Gmail as part of the integrated Gmail experience. Learn how to set up integrated Gmail

Enable access by phone

Allow users to use their phone in a meeting. Events and invitations will include a phone number for guests to join meetings by phone, or you can use a phone for audio in a video meeting.

You can also allow paid dial-in and dial-out calls with numbers from additional countries/regions. For details, see Set up Meet global dialing.

Use Meet with other systems

Add video meetings

You can add a Meet video meeting to an Outlook event or email using the Google Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Users in your organization can join by clicking the video meeting link in the Outlook event.

For details, see Add Meet video meetings to Outlook.

Let third-party systems join video meetings

As an admin, you can let users of third-party video conferencing systems join your organization’s Meet video meetings.

For details, see Set up interoperability.

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