What's new in Google Groups

In Google Groups, all members can now:

  • Post messages to groups using rich text, such as bold and italics
  • Create and use canned responses, provided they’re turned on for the member and the group
  • See the badges of group members who have them
  • See Google Groups in the language specified in their Google Account
  • Change their profile picture if they're allowed to set their own display name

Release dates

Summary of changes

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New settings for managing members, content & metadata

Instead of 20+ settings, you now have 3 new settings that include all 20 permissions:

Permission & location in groups.google.com Allows users to...

Manage members

Group name > Manage group > Permissions > Moderation permissions

Moderate content

Group name > Manage group > Permissions > Moderation permissions

Moderate metadata

Group name > Manage group > Permissions > Posting permissions

Standardized limits
  • Messages can be up to 25 MB in size
  • Subject lines can be up to 250 characters in length
  • Each topic can have up to 14 tags
Behavior changes
  • Authors can no longer edit other members' posts or topics
  • In collaboration inboxes, replies marked as best are always shown above other replies
  • A fixed-width font is used for Google Groups; it can't be customized in the API
  • Users who ask to join groups provide a reason for joining instead of answering a new member question
Footer changes

The default email footer now includes: 

  • Instructions to unsubscribe from the group
  • A link to view the message in Google Groups

Also, you can now choose to use a custom footer instead of the default. Learn more about changes to footers.

Groups directory changes

You now have more control over whether groups are discoverable. Group members can now view:

  • The groups they belong to in the Groups directory and in search results
  • The About page of groups they belong to

Learn more about the changes to the Groups directory setting.

Groups Settings API changes

We've consolidated and phased out methods in the Groups Settings APILearn more about changes to the Groups Settings API.

Settings that have been removed

We've removed options that are rarely used, such as:

  • Tagging topics with "Me to"
  • Marking posts as orphaned after a certain time and tracking orphaned posts
  • Automatically closing topics and replying to auto-closed topics

Also, we've removed obsolete features and settings. View all deprecated settings

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