HP Chromebox G1, Dell Chromebox, & Asus Chromebox CN60 end of life

The HP Chromebox G1, Dell Chromebox, and Asus Chromebox CN60 have reached end of life. The Chromebox end-of-life policy follows the Chrome OS autoupdate policy. See the complete schedule in Auto Update policy.


Are there more details?

After the M76 Chrome OS Stable release, no further autoupdates will be sent to the HP Chromebox G1, Acer Chromebox, or Asus Chromebox CN60.

The Google Meet service will continue to run, but it will no longer be supported on these devices. Meet will show a warning on the display screen that indicates that the service is no longer supported.

Each Chrome OS release milestone can be mapped to a specific calendar month.

The Chrome OS devices can be converted to regular devices running Chrome OS (not enrolled for Chromebox for meetings) and used as is.

How do I find out how many of these devices are in my organizational unit?
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. Go to Menu ""and then"" Devicesand thenGoogle Meet hardwareand thenDevices.
  3. Under Devices, click Add a filter.
  4. Select Device Model.
  5. Check ASUS Chromebox CN60, Dell Chromebox, and HP Chromebox G1.
  6. Click Apply.
How do I keep using Google Meet in my meeting room?

Buy the Google Meet hardware kit. Your existing software license can be migrated to the new hardware. To reuse your existing license, discuss buying hardware without a software license with your reseller.

How is Google Meet hardware different from Chromebox for meetings?

Google Meet hardware has components and features to simplify deployments and enhance meetings. The Google Meet hardware kit consists of a touchscreen controller, speakermic, 4K sensor camera, and Asus Chromebox.

The upgraded Google Meet hardware kit includes:

  • A touchscreen interface that allows you to present, record, join, and start a meeting in one tap
  • An upgraded speakermic that includes enhanced echo cancellation and noise suppression
  • The ability to connect multiple speakermics to cover large conference rooms
  • Automatic software and firmware updates, self-diagnosis, and repair capabilities
  • HDMI-in support for presenting from your own device
  • More camera options, such as a wide field-of-view camera for huddle rooms or a pan-tilt-zoom camera for larger conference rooms

Read about Google Meet hardware or view a spec sheet.

Where can I buy Google Meet hardware?

You can buy Google Meet hardware for $1,749 USD, €2,249 EUR, or 245,000 JPY (without software license) by talking to your reseller. Contact meethardware-support@google.com if you have any questions or need information on your closest reseller.

What happens to my old software license?

Your old software license continues to renew on the same schedule.

How do I revoke the license for my old Chromebox for meetings?

To revoke a software license, you must deprovision the Chromebox. For more, see Licensing.

How do I set up my Google Meet hardware?

For information on installing your device, see Install your Meet or Chromebox system.

Do I have to buy any extra cables?

Depending on the size of your meeting room, you might need to use a USB 3.0 hub or USB 3.0 extension cables with your Google Meet hardware kit. For more information, see Qualified peripherals for Google Meet hardware kit.

Can I use Jabra speakers and the remote control with the new Chromebox?

Use the new kit for the best video conferencing experience. However, your existing peripherals are compatible with the new Chromebox.

Any additional questions?

Contact meethardware-support@google.com with any additional questions.

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