Chat in Gmail

If your organization has turned on Chat Preferred or Chat only, your users see Google Chat in Gmail instead of classic Hangouts.

Features in Google Chat

  • Rooms where teams can collaborate and hold multiple threaded conversations
  • Share documents and files from your Drive, computer, or mobile device
  • Search for people and rooms, with filtering
  • Rich previews for web links
  • Bots, including the ability for third parties to develop bots
  • Improved accessibility and compliance
  • Expand rooms and direct messages to use full Gmail window

Differences between classic Hangouts and Chat

  • Group messages in Chat aren't compatible with group messages in classic Hangouts. If you create a group message in Chat with people who don't have Chat, they won’t receive your messages. still be available if you need more time to transition group messages to Chat. Learn more about Chat and classic Hangouts interoperability.
  • Phone calls and text messages using Google Voice aren't currently available in Chat. Users can make calls and send text messages using Google Voice at or through the Google Voice mobile apps.
  • Some classic Hangouts features aren’t currently available in Chat, such as custom status messages.
  • The default Chat notification is New threads, threads I'm following, and direct messages, which is different than classic Hangouts. To change their notifications, users can go to

To learn more, review the full list of known limitations.

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