Migrate from Gmail or webmail to G Suite

This migration guide will help you import your organization’s email, contacts, and calendars from webmail providers to Gmail in G Suite. You can use this guide if your organization previously used email in a web browser from one of these webmail providers:

  • A Gmail account (ending in @gmail.com)
  • Another G Suite account
  • Webmail services that use POP3, such as Yahoo!®, Apple® iCloud®, and AOL®
  • Internet service providers (ISPs) that use IMAP, such as GoDaddy®, Rackspace®, 1&1®, or Bluehost®

    (Note: For enterprise IMAP servers, see Migrate from IMAP servers to G Suite instead.)

You can help your organization migrate their old mail, but users need to import contacts, calendars, and incoming mail themselves.  

Step 1: Tell users to forward their incoming email

Forwarding new mail helps ensure that you receive messages sent to your old account during and after the move to G Suite.

If your users previously had...

Tell them to…

@gmail.com or G Suite accounts

Set up automatic email forwarding

Webmail accounts that aren’t @gmail.com or G Suite

Do a search on how to automatically forward emails from their webmail service

Step 2: Tell users to import their calendars and contacts

If your users want to...

Tell them to complete the steps to...

Import contacts from their old accounts to G Suite

Import Contacts

Import calendars from their old accounts to G Suite

Import events to Google Calendar


Step 3: Help users import their old mail

If you want to...

Then you should...

Migrate your users’ mail to G Suite and their old accounts support IMAP

Use the data migration service

Must be super admin

Allow your users to migrate their own mail from their old accounts to G Suite

You should only use this option if: 

  • Your users’ old accounts don't support IMAP.
  • You don't need imported emails to show as read or unread.
  • You don't need to migrate labels.
  1. Allow users to import data from a webmail account. For details, see Enable importing from other webmail hosts.

  2. Tell users to set import options in Gmail. For details, see Check emails from other accounts.

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