Security checklists

These best practices are for administrators of Google Workspace and Cloud Identity.

Whether you’re a small business owner or IT admin for a large enterprise, we offer a range of best practices for protecting your security and privacy.

Choose your business size to get started.

Small businesses (1-100 users)

For a small business who may not have a dedicated IT admin, we suggest a baseline set of best practices that you can set up yourself—such as redundant admin accounts, extra protections against phishing or spoofing, and sharing permissions.


Does your small business have special security requirements?

If your small business has special regulatory, privacy, or security requirements, you might have the information security needs of a much larger company. Follow the security best practices for medium and large businesses in the checklist below.

Medium and large businesses (100+ users)

For a larger organization, or for any business with special security requirements, we suggest a more robust list of best practices that further strengthen the​ ​security and privacy of your information. These additional practices will help keep an enterprise business secure and running efficiently and may require using dedicated IT resources—either in-house or provided by a third party.


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