Add apps to the password vaulted apps service

This feature is available with G Suite Enterprise, Cloud Identity Premium, and G Suite Enterprise for Education.

G Suite supports Single Sign-On for apps that leverage federation through SAML. While many apps support this standard, there are thousands of apps that either do not support federation or customers prefer not to use this standard. Instead, these apps use credentials for sign-on. In order to enable customers to manage access to these apps centrally and track the access to these apps, G Suite has added support for password vaulted apps.

To set up the password vaulted apps service, you'll need to add apps to the service by selecting from the existing catalog.

Important: Before you add apps to the password vaulted apps service, we recommend that you set up a new group structure in the Google Admin console that’s designed specifically for password vaulted apps. For instructions, see Get started with password vaulted apps.

To add apps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console at
    Be sure to sign in with your administrator account and not with your personal Gmail account.
  2. From the Menu menu in the upper-left section of the page, go to Apps > Password vaulted apps.
  4. To search the library of available apps, type a name for the app.
    A list of matching applications is displayed.
  5. Scroll over the app that you want to add, and click ADD APP.
  6. Enter the app details:
    In the App Name field, type a custom display name that will appear on the user dashboard.
    If needed, enter both the App name and a Login URL. You would need to do this for apps with multiple installations (in other words, apps with multi-tenancy) and with different login URLs. 
  7. Click ADD APP.
  8. To assign a group or user to the app, click Assignments.
    Use the Groups or Users filter to narrow the assignment to a selected set of users. 
  9. Once you select the groups or users, click Grant access.

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