Cloud Search Platform overview

Google Cloud Search Platform gives your organization the power to search across your third-party repositories, such as databases and file systems. Integrate Cloud Search Platform with your G Suite edition or use it in a standalone solution. You get the features of Cloud Search and G Suite administrative controls, but without services like Gmail, Calendar, and Sites.

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You can buy Cloud Search Platform through an authorized Google partner. 

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Cloud Search Platform features

Cloud Search Platform provides a full set of search features, including:

  • Indexing of third-party repositories
  • Filters and facets
  • Built-in and custom search operators
  • Customized search interfaces
  • Embeddable search widget
  • Pre-built connectors
  • Identity mapping for users and groups
  • Granular access-level controls

Added services

Cloud Search Platform provides these G Suite services with Cloud Search:

  • Cloud Identity. Manage your users, apps, and devices from the Google Admin console. Learn more

  • Directory. Admins and users can easily manage personal and global contacts. Learn more

  • Groups / Groups for Business. Create admin-controlled groups and mailing lists, host community forums or shared inboxes, or let users create their own groups. Learn more

  • More services. You can turn on or off dozens of other Google services, such as YouTube, Blogger, and Google Analytics. Learn more

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