Publish an App Maker app in the G Suite Marketplace

As a G Suite administrator, you can use the G Suite Marketplace to quickly distribute App Maker apps to users in your organization. 

Users outside of your G Suite organization can't use your organization's App Maker apps.

Before you begin

Publish an app 

  1. Open the app in App Maker.
  2. Click Settings "" > Deployments.
  3. Click the deployment you want to publish in the G Suite Marketplace and copy the deployment URL.
  4. Click View logs. The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Console opens in the project associated with the App Maker app.
  5. In the GCP Console, click Menu ""and thenAPIs & Servicesand thenLibrary.
  6. Search for "G Suite Marketplace" and click G Suite Marketplace SDK. If the G Suite Marketplace SDK isn't enabled, click Enable.
  7. In the left navigation, click Configuration.
  8. Complete the required fields and upload the app's graphic assets.
  9. Under Extensions, check the Universal navigation extension box and paste the URL for the deployment to publish.
  10. Under Visibility, select My domain. This setting makes the app findable by everyone in your organization.
  11. Click Save changes
  12. In the left navigation, click Publish
  13. Complete the required fields and upload a banner image. You can also upload screenshots.
  14. Click Publish.

Distribute the app to your organization's users

  1. Go to your organization's list of apps in the G Suite Marketplace.
  2. Click the app you want to share with users.
  3. Click Domain install to make the app available to everyone in your organization.

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