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Labs for G Suite and Google App Engine URLs

The Activate SSL for custom domains feature has been moved to the Google Developers Console. To configure your custom domain name using the Google Developers Console, refer to the  Using Custom Domains and SSL article in the Google Cloud Platform documentation.

Trouble enabling Labs for G Suite?

If you're having trouble enabling Labs for G Suite,here are some tips to help:

  1. Check that you have New services and Features enabled
  2. Check out our G Suite Help Forum .
  3. Check out this walkthrough about adding a Labs for G Suite feature to your G Suite domain.

How do I change the access URLs for my application?

By default, when you deploy your service on Google App Engine, your service is accessible at

To provide a stronger brand experience for your application, you may also want that application to be available at or using these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Company profile > Custom URLs.
  3. Add or remove additional URLs for your service, such as:
    Note: If you purchased your domain through Google, instructions for accessing your registrar are available in the Advanced DNS section of the Admin console.
  4. Once you specify an additional access URL, you may be prompted to complete the set up with your registrar if you didn't purchase your domain through Google. If so, follow the provided instructions to configure CNAME records with your registrar.
You can only create custom URLs for your primary domain. Learn more about Account Access URLs.

How do I enable secure (HTTPS) access to my application?

Your application developer may configure your application to allow, require, or deny HTTPS access to your application. By default, Google App Engine supports HTTPS access to applications when accessed at their URLs, for example Once installed on your domain, your application can always be accessed at its URL. In addition, you have the option to enable SSL for custom domains.

Note: If you've installed a Google App Engine application into your domain prior to June 27, 2009, you may be required to reinstall the application to enable access to the application at

I'd like to map my app to (also known as a naked domain).

Due to recent changes, Google App Engine no longer supports mapping your app to a naked domain. If your domain registrar supports URL redirects, you can redirect from to your app, which can be served from domains like or

For instructions on how to configure a redirect for your G Suite domain, see Options for customizing web addresses.

What is Google App Engine?

Learn more about Google App Engine from these sources:

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