About Google App Engine

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is Google's application development and hosting platform. Google App Engine lets you build high-traffic web applications without having to manage high-traffic infrastructure. Your applications built on Google App Engine use the same technology that powers Google's websites for speed and reliability. You just provide the code.

To learn more about Google App Engine, please visit the Google App Engine Home.

How do I use Google App Engine with Google Apps?

Google App Engine can be used with Google Apps to provide a custom domain name for your internet-facing application, e.g., myapp.com.

By default, when you deploy your service on Google App Engine, your service will be accessible at [your-application-id].appspot.com.

In order to provide a stronger brand experience for your application, you may also want that application to be available at [my-brand].com or www.[my-brand].com.

Setting up custom URLs and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will be moving from the Google App Engine to the Google Developers console in Q2 2015. To configure your custom domain name using the Google Developers console, refer to Google Developers console. Permissions are stricter for setting up domain access using the Google Developers console. In the Google Admin console domain administrators can add URLs from their domain to any App Engine project for which they have the project ID. In the Google Developers console domain administrators can only add URLs from their domain to App Engine projects for which they are editors or owners. Learn more about Configuring your App's Authentication. Follow these instructions to get the new permissions you’ll need.

In order to set up these branded access locations for your service, you must prove that you own the domain name or purchase the domain name through Google. Google App Engine allows you to prove ownership of your domain and purchase new domain names using Google Apps.

In addition, Google Apps provides a number of communication and collaboration services, which can be used to enhance your application. You can communicate via email with your application users using branded email addresses and the Gmail experience. You can also create public wikis for your service using Google Sites. See http://google.com/a for more information about what you can do with Google Apps. If you own your domain, on the Google Apps sign-up page, select 'Administrator: I own or control this domain' Then, enter the name of your domain and proceed through registration. When you're finished, you'll be viewing the Google Admin console for your domain. From the Admin console, you need to verify ownership of your domain.

Once you've verified your domain, follow these instructions to get started with Google App Engine:

  1. Sign in to the Google App Engine admin console.
  2. Go to Administration > Application Settings
  3. Click the 'Add Domain...' button under Domain Setup.
  4. Enter your domain name in the 'Domain Name:' field
  5. Click 'Add Domain'. You will be directed to the Google Admin console to complete the process.
  6. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  7. Accept the terms and specify the access URL you'd like to provide for your application.
  8. Click 'Accept'.


At this point, you may need to follow the presented instructions to make changes with your domain registrar if you did not purchase your domain name through Google.

Learn more about access URLs

How do I know if I should add a Google App Engine application to my domain?

Google can't make this decision for you, so please direct questions about the application to the application developer. In general, you should only add applications from developers you trust, such as developers within your own organizations, or vendors you already work with. Please see the Google App Engine Terms and Conditions for more information.

Restrict your application's users and data to a single organization, e.g. myapp.myorg.com

By default, when you create an application with Google App Engine, any pages that require authentication will prompt visitors to supply Google account credentials, such as a Gmail account. However, you may want to build an application which is only available to one organization, such as an internal job search tool. In this case, you may configure your application to prompt for account credentials from a specific existing Google Apps domain.

To create a Google Apps account for your domain, visit www.google.com/a.

Instructions for the App Engine interface:

  1. On the initial create application page, select 'Edit' underneath the text explaining that this application is 'Open to all Google Accounts'.
  2. Select 'Restricted to the following Google Apps domain:'
  3. Type in your domain name.
  4. Click 'Save.'

Note: Don't worry if you've already created your application and didn't take this step. You can create a new application with the same application code under a new identifier.

For domain administrators

With a Google Apps admin account, you can quickly set up the Google App Engine application for your users. Go to your Google Admin console, sign in, and select Add More Services.

In the Google App Engine App ID field, enter the Google App Engine application ID you wish to install. You’ll then be prompted to agree to the terms of service to complete the installation process.

You can also adjust your domain settings to set up an access URL for your Google App Engine application. Step-by-step instructions.

For additional support

At this time, email or phone support for questions related to Google App Engine isn't available. However, you can visit the Google App Engine FAQs to find answers to common questions or the Google App Engine Discussion Group to discuss your issue with other App Engine users. You can also visit the Google App Engine Blog to learn more.