About the alert center

As a G Suite administrator, use the alert center to view notifications about potential issues within your domain, and take action to resolve the issues and protect your organization from security threats. 

From the alert center, you can view a list of alerts, and then click any item in the list to view details about those alerts. If your organization uses G Suite Enterprise, you can also start an investigation from the alert center by linking directly to the security investigation tool. Using the investigation tool, you can then make adjustments to your Google Admin console security settings if needed, or take other actions in response to the alert.

Get started with the alert center:

Alert center API

You can also use the alert center API to manage alerts on issues affecting your domain. For details about the API, see G Suite alert center API.

Delete alerts

Alerts are retained in the alert center for approximately 10 years. An API is available that enables you to delete alerts before the retention period expires.

How the alert center differs from admin email alerts

The alert center is a different feature than the administrator email alerts described in About reports and alerts:

  • The alert center enables you to view alerts and alert details directly in the Google Admin console. The alert center includes additional in-depth details that enable you to take action to resolve numerous issues that might affect your domain, and it provides critical alerts that are based on advanced technologies such as machine learning
  • Administrators can use administrator email alerts to set up email notifications—for example, to notify admins of suspicious login attempts, or to notify them of service-setting changes by other administrators. You can customize these alerts in the Reports section of the Google Admin console.
  • Administrators can set up email notifications for alert center alerts by configuring a rule in the Google Admin console.
  • Some alerts in the alert center are similar to the admin email alerts, but the alert center does not include a comprehensive set of alerts that match each of the admin alerts.

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