Known issues and limitations

Google Voice has the following Known Issues:

Voice can't be used with Google Fi on the same user account

It's not possible to apply a Google Voice for G Suite license to a Google Fi account. However, it is possible to use Voice with a separate account on a Google Fi subscription. A G Suite account with Google Fi will need to cancel the Google Fi subscription before setting up Voice.

Workaround: Set up Google Fi on a separate account, such as a consumer account. Install the Voice app on the Google Fi device and sign in to Voice with the G Suite account.

Voice restricts calling premium rate numbers

Voice blocks calls to premium rate numbers that charge callers added cost not related to long-distance calling (for example, U.S. numbers starting with 900).

Workaround: Use the native dialer app on a mobile phone or other phone service to make these calls.

Classic Hangouts chat cannot be used with Voice for G Suite

Hangouts Chat will gradually replace classic Hangouts in the near future.

Workaround: We recommend you manage calls and text messages from or from the Google Voice mobile app.

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