About the Secure LDAP service

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The Secure LDAP service provides a simple and secure way to connect your LDAP-based applications and services to Cloud Identity or Google Workspace.

Using Secure LDAP, you can use Cloud Directory as a cloud-based LDAP server for authentication, authorization, and directory lookups. The LDAP-based apps (for example, Atlassian Jira) and IT infrastructure (for example, VPN servers) that you connect to the Secure LDAP service can be on-premise or in infrastructure-as-a-service platforms such as Google Compute Engine, AWS, or Azure.

You can use Secure LDAP to reduce the traditional directory server footprint—where your applications are pointed to several directory servers—by pointing your apps only to Secure LDAP.

Get started with the Secure LDAP service

Set up and manage the Secure LDAP service from the Google Admin console. You’ll first need to add LDAP clients to the service (for example, OpenVPN, Atlassian Jira, or FreeRadius), configure access permissions for each client, and connect the clients to the Secure LDAP service. Later, you can return to the Google Admin console to manage the service—for example, to add or delete clients, or to make changes to the settings.

To get started:

Note: The Secure LDAP admin user interface currently supports only the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Google is now working to add support for Internet Explorer 11.

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