Track room & resource use in Google Calendar

See Google Calendar room and resource use in one quick and easy glance. The Room Insights Dashboard gives you metrics to analyze how your organization uses space. Use this information for planning to help save time and reduce costs. 

Insights you get from the dashboard 

The dashboard helps answer questions, such as: 

  • What are your most popular rooms?
  • Are your rooms under-utilized or over-utilized?
  • Which room sizes are most popular?
  • What equipment drives room use? 
  • What are the best times to schedule repairs and maintenance work?

Before you begin

  • Use a structured format for rooms—Only metrics for structured resources appear in the Room Insights Dashboard. 

    For details, see Use Google Calendar structured resources .   

  • Set the room category to Meeting space—This is required to display metrics in the Room Insights Dashboard.
  • Set the time zone for each room—Update the local time zone so the dashboard shows data correctly.
  • Turn on occupancy detection in rooms with Meet hardware.
    For details, see Turn on occupancy detection.

Set time zones

There are 2 ways to update the time zone for your resources: in bulk using an API or one by one in Google Calendar. 

Use the API for bulk updates 

For details, see Calendar API.

Set individually in the Google Calendar 

You must be signed in as a super administrator for this task. 

  1. Sign in with your administrator account and open Google Calendar
  2. In the left side bar, point to Other calendars.
  3. Click Add  and then Browse resources.
  4. Next to the resource you want to add, click the Down arrow  and check the box. The resource now appears in your Settings for my calendars list.
  5. From Settings for my calendar, click the resource to open the settings options.
  6. In Calendar settings under Time zone, click the Down arrow  and select the correct time zone from the list.

Go to your Dashboard

Room insights privileges are required to view the Dashboard.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Directoryand thenBuildings and resourcesand thenRoom insights.
Tip: You can also search for Room Insights Dashboard.

Change dashboard scope and timeframe 

You can set a filter on the dashboard to view a particular room, building, floor, capacity, or feature. You can also change the time period that appears. For example, set a weekday filter to see data for the days of the week and not for Saturday and Sunday.

The filter and date range control is shown at the top of the dashboard. The date range is on the far right and the dashboard filter is on the left.  

To set a filter, click Add a filter  , make your selections, and click Apply. Your changes are shown immediately.  

To set the date range, click the existing date range to open the controls. Once you've selected a new date range, click Apply to update your report.


  • To see important information for each graph, hover over About this graph  at the top corner.
  • Room usage data can take at least 24 hours to appear in the dashboard.
  • If you book a resource for a date in the past, the dashboard won't record it. For example, if today is December 27, 2021 and you book a resource for December 26, 2021 , the dashboard ignores this booking.

Download dashboard data for analysis 

Administrators might want to view dashboard data in a spreadsheet or table format for further analysis. To download booking and occupancy rates for rooms, click Download  at the top far right of the Insights dashboard. 

The dashboard exports data into a CSV file. It shows the current view you set using the filter and date range options selected on the dashboard. Before downloading the data,  be sure to set the options for the resources and timeframes that you want to study.   

Google Meet hardware and occupancy detection

If your organization uses Google Meet hardware and has devices that support occupancy detection, you can see additional graphs in the Room insights dashboard to help you make space planning decisions.  For more information, see Track Meet hardware room and device usage.

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