OAuth grant activity report

This feature is available with G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, Drive Enterprise, and Cloud Identity Premium editions.

From the OAuth grant activity panel, you can monitor the OAuth grant activity in your organization. This report is ranked by the growth in grants to apps in the current time period compared to the previous time period. You can view OAuth grant activity by app, by scope, and by user. 

To view the OAuth grant activity report:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console at admin.google.com.
    Be sure to sign in using your administrator account, and not your personal Gmail account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Dashboard.
  4. In the lower-right corner of the OAuth grant activity panel, click VIEW REPORT.

By default, the graph displays data for All domains. To select a specific domain, choose from the Domain drop-down list.

About OAuth and OAuth scopes

OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard that grants permission to third-party services to access a user's account information without exposing the user's password.

Many users may not be willing to grant an application full access to their account. OAuth scopes allow applications to request well-defined, limited access to certain user data. By specifying OAuth scopes, an application can convey to the user what permissions or access it requires. Access is then provided to the application only if the user permits it.

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