Google Chat 'rooms' are being renamed to 'spaces.' It may take some time for the change to appear everywhere. Learn more

Požadovaná stránka aktuálně není k dispozici ve vašem jazyce. V dolní části stránky však můžete vybrat jiný jazyk, případně pomocí funkce překladu integrované v prohlížeči Google Chrome jakoukoli stránku okamžitě přeložit do vybraného jazyka.

Overview: Manage Chat for an organization

When you sign up for Google Chat, your organization can communicate in groups or one-on-one, with text and rich media, and in spaces with multiple conversations at the same time.

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Get started:  Set up Chat

Do more in fewer steps

You can add content right in the conversation, so team members can interact and discuss items from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive. You can also include web links and upload files from a local drive. Add tasks in the conversation, too. You can create and manage group tasks and assign tasks to other members of a chat space.

Have hallway conversations from anywhere

The biggest challenges take a group effort. Invite groups to spaces, and then modify the groups dynamically as the work changes so the right people can work together, wherever they are. You can set a history policy to ensure that when someone new joins a space, they can see the full message history and quickly catch up. 

Know what’s important at all times

Chat lets the conversations keep flowing and surfaces what’s important so you can maintain focus. Hold multiple conversation with the same team or people. The most active conversations appear at the bottom, while your other threads stay easily accessible.

Integrate with other systems

Use bots to add third-party features and systems to expand what you can do with Chat and help get more done.

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