Change the timezone in the investigation tool

This feature is available with G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and Cloud Identity Premium editions.

You can change the global timezone in the security investigation tool. The timezone applies to search conditions and results. The timezone currently does not persist between sessions. 

To change the timezone:

  1. Click the Settings button Settings.
  2. In the Investigation settings window, click the down arrowDown arrow for the Timezone setting.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose from the list of timezones.
  4. Click APPLY.

Note: You can adjust the timezone for a search even after a search is completed and you have the results. Both the parameters you have entered and the results will be updated to the new timezone. For example, if your global timezone is Pacific time, and one of your search results displays a time parameter of 1:00 PM Pacific time, updating your timezone to Eastern time will change this search result to 4:00 PM Eastern time.

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