Suspicious device activities report

Supported editions for this feature: Enterprise; Education Plus.  Compare your edition

The Suspicious device activities report enables you to view details of suspicious activities on your corporate devices during a specified time range. Only devices under advanced management are included in this report.

Use this report to view device IDs, device owners, and the timestamps of the suspicious device activities.

If a device property is updated on a mobile device, this change is counted as a suspicious activity. Device properties include the serial number, the device model, the name of operating system, and more.

To view the Suspicious device activities report:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console at
    Be sure to sign in using your administrator account, and not your personal Gmail account.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Dashboard.
  4. In the lower-right corner of the Suspicious device activities panel, click VIEW REPORT.

You can customize the report to view data over a specific time range: Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week, This month, Last month, or Days ago (up to 180 days); or enter a Start date and End date. Click Apply after you set the date range.

By default, the graph displays data for All domains. To select a specific domain, choose from the Domain drop-down list.

Note: This report provides data for Android devices only, and not for iOS devices.

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