About School Directory Sync

After July 1, 2022, we no longer support School Directory Sync (SDS). Instead, use the Student Information System (SIS) roster import. Learn more

You can synchronize data from your school information management system to Classroom and Google Workspace for Education using Google School Directory Sync (SDS). You use the tool to sync files. SDS has no direct contact with your school’s information system so information is never modified or compromised.

Set up and sync

  1. Get ready to sync

    You need to make sure your system meets the server and network requirements. Then, you create CSV files and download and install SDS.

  2. Set up your sync

    You use Configuration Manager, the SDS user interface, to connect SDS to your Google domain. Next, you specify data to sync, set up notifications and logs, and then verify and test your settings.

  3. Run a sync

    For your first sync, start with a manual sync. Once you’re familiar with the process, you can use the command line to run syncs or schedule automatic syncs with third-party software.

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