How changes propagate to Google services

Why can't I see updates to Admin console settings?

When you make a change in the Google Admin console, to a Google service, or with your domain host, it can take time to propagate (extend) across a service and to your users. In some cases, you might need to refresh your browser to see the change.

Changes in the Admin console or to Google services

Changing settings or performing tasks, such as managing mobile devices and users, will take effect in a few minutes for most customers. Some changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect. Sometimes, you’ll see a warning message if there’s an expected delay.

Changes with your domain host

When you make a change with your domain host, say you need to configure your MX records or set up an SPF record, it takes time for the changes to propagate to Google systems. This time is also referred to as DNS propagation. The time it takes depends on your domain host. In general, DNS changes are processed and propagated within 48 hours, but sometimes it can take up to 72 hours. We recommend that you contact your domain host for details.

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