Manage third-party data access to Drive

Drive content can be integrated with third-party products, allowing users to share and update their documents from different platforms.

As an administrator, you can manage integrations by disabling third-party Drive data access, and then enabling specific apps for the supported platforms. For example:

  1. Disable the Drive API scope using Google Workspace API permissions (OAuth based access). 
  2. Whitelist specific app access for the platforms supported by your organization (Web, Android, and iOS).

Manage Slack integration

The Google Drive and Slack integration allows some powerful key features:

  • Create new Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets directly from Slack.
  • Import an existing file directly from Google Drive, or paste the link to the file in any channel or Direct Message.
  • Find your files quickly (even if you don’t remember the file name) by searching directly in Slack. Slack automatically indexes the contents of any Google Drive file you share.
  • Share and manage files without  worrying about version history or who has access.
  • Get updates on Google Drive events, like comments, access requests, and new files shared with users via direct messages from Google Drive.
See the Slack documentation to learn more.
To control if Slack can access your users' Drive content, we recommend disabling third-party access to Drive entirely, and then optionally whitelisting the Slack app for the platforms in your organization.
  1. Disable the Drive API scope entirely. Third-party apps will not be able to access your user's Drive content.
  2. Whitelist the Slack app to allow users of that product to access Drive content. Do this for each app platform.

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