Set up advanced mobile device management

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If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

That’s it. You’ve set up advanced mobile management for your organization. Users can enroll their devices for management by adding their corporate account to a device. After users enroll their devices, you can see the device in the Google Admin console. There, you can manage the device, apply settings, monitor it, and more. 

Continue to sync data

Devices that are already syncing corporate data get a notification to install the Device Policy app or a profile. The app or profile checks if the device is compliant with the policies you set. Compliant devices can continue to sync corporate data. Users of noncompliant devices get a notification and need to fix the problem. 

Android device ownership

If an Android device is new or was reset to its factory settings, the user is asked to assign device ownership to your organization when they add their corporate account. If the user accepts, the device operates in device owner mode—giving your organization more control of the device. If the user owns the device, they can opt out by checking the I own the device box. 

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