Monitor the health of your Sites settings

Security health page

This feature is available with G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, and G Suite Essentials editions. Compare editions

From the security health page, you can monitor the configuration of the Sites sharing policy setting.

Sites sharing policy

For more details, see the table below.

Setting Sites sharing policy

Specifies how many domains where the sharing of sites outside your domain(s) is not blocked.


Block the sharing of sites outside your domain(s). This reduces the risk of data leaks. To support a critical business need, you may want to enable sharing outside the domains. If you do so, consider enabling a warning.

How to configure this setting

In the Google Admin console, go to Apps > G Suite > Sites.

You have different options for configuring this setting, depending on whether your site is new or classic. For more details and instructions, see The new Google Sites or Classic Sites.

Effect on your users

Users will not be able to share sites outside of your domain(s).

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