Monitor Cloud Identity usage and security with reports

DThe Admin console Cloud Identity reports and logs make it easy to examine potential security risks, measure user collaboration, track who signs in and when, analyze administrator activity, and much more. The reports have interactive graphics and tables that show broad, domain-level data alongside granular, user-level details. Hover your cursor over graphics to see specific data, set filters to adjust the scope of the data each report covers, and click table cells to see accompanying graphical representations. In most cases, you can also customize the data columns in each table.

The Admin console reports and logs are organized as follows:

You can also monitor alerts of various user activity and settings critical events that affect your domain, such as Suspicious login activity, User's password changed, and more at the Manage alerts link.

To access the reports and logs, sign in to your Google Admin console and click Reports. If you don't see the Reports icon, click More Controls and drag the Reports icon to your dashboard.

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