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Install & set up GCCHN

7. Create a Server Group document

When setting up Google Calendar Connector for HCL Notes (GCCHN), the next step is to create a Server Group document (sometimes referred to as a Site document).

What is a Server Group document?

A Server Group document identifies a group of HCL Domino mail servers and a single connector server. The polling agent polls only the servers listed in the group.

If you have an organization with mail servers in multiple countries/regions, we recommend you place a GCCHN server in each country/region. Each regional instance of the connector should be set up to poll only the mail servers in that country/region.

Create the document

  1. In the Connector database, in the left menu, click Server Groups.
  2. Click New Server Group and enter a name for the Server Group.
  3. Complete the form (details below).
  4. After you complete each tab in the form, click Save.
  5. When you've completed all tabs, click Exit.

Complete the form

General tab

Servers Select the mail servers in the Server group. Include the connector server in the list.
Calendar Connector server Select your server.
Calendar Connector server time zone Select the server time zone. The time zone for the server must match the time zone on the Microsoft Windows machine where GCCHN is installed.

Important: It's essential you choose the correct time zone for the connector server, even if the servers in the group exist in different time zones.

Network tab

Delay between HTTP posts For optimum performance, keep the value at 0.0.

If you experience HTTP locks or service-unavailable responses from Google, you might need to increase this value to introduce a delay between successive posts.

HTTP transport We recommend you use ServerXMLHTTP.

XMLHTTP should only be used for demonstration purposes. It doesn't support any proxy options.

Proxy server and Proxy credentials If your servers connect to the web through a proxy server, enter the server’s address in hostname:port or IP address:port format. If your proxy requires credentials, enter the username and password.
Network time-outs Occasionally, you might experience timeouts between your servers and the Google servers. If you want to ignore timeouts and have the system wait for the Google servers to respond, set this to Off.

Next step

Set up the web service in your Admin console

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