Remove deleted users' events from a calendar

Suspending or deleting the account of someone who organized a single or recurring event leaves no organizer to manage the event. Events without organizers appear on others’ calendars, and no one can book associated resources for that time. As an administrator, you can only prevent these issues by transferring ownership of a user’s Google Calendar events or by releasing their booked resources prior to deleting or suspending the user. 

Using the Calendar API, you can uncover existing events without organizers and delete them manually.

Discover events without organizers

You can’t find events without organizers from your Google Admin console. However, with an event ID, you can search the Calendar API Events list

Delete events without organizers

Admin console 

When an event organizer deletes an event, the event disappears from invitee’s calendars. To remove an event with no organizer from every attendee’s calendar, manually delete each event from every invitee’s calendar. Or, contact each invitee and ask them to delete the event from their own calendars. 


With an event ID, you can search the Calendar API Events list

From there, delete events with that ID.

Free up resources reserved by former users

Admin console 

Every resource has its own calendar. If an orphaned event has resources booked and you want to free them for other use, delete the event from the resource calendars on which it appears. 


With an event ID, search and delete events without organizers that are holding resources from the Calendar API Events list.

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