Unpack and assemble a Jamboard device

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to Google Workspace to get this feature. 

Jamboard is a 55-inch digital whiteboard connected to the cloud and made specifically for Google Workspace customers. When you purchase Jamboard, you’ll receive it delivered in a large, protective box.

Installation guides and help

Download the Jamboard schematics (PDF).

Download the Jamboard Installation Guide (PDF).

Watch the Jamboard assembly videos playlist.


Caution: The Jamboard, stand, and wall mount are heavy and require a minimum of two people to install. Use caution when lifting them. See the size and weight of Jamboard, stand, and wall mount here.

Mount Jamboard to a stand

Unbox and assemble the floor stand

Note: To assemble the floor stand, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver.

  1. Find the box labeled “Floor Stand” and move it to an area where you have a lot of open space.
  2. Lay the box flat on the ground with the taped lid facing up. Remove any tape attached to the lid.
  3. Lift the lid off of the box. Move the lid away from the working area. Remove the base from the box first and set it flat on the ground.
  4. Remove any foam or plastic sleeves that are attached to the frame and packaging. You should see:

    The base has 4 wheels attached, which are embedded into grooves within the box's protective foam. If a wheel comes off during the unboxing, it can easily be snapped back in.

    • A base with 4 wheels attached
    • The frame
    • The instructions manual
    • The following set of tools:
      • M5 screws
      • M4 screws
      • Cable grommet
      • Allen keys
      • M4 screw+washer
  5. (Optional) Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the upper metal cord clamp. Then, unscrew the cord clamp until it’s in 2 halves.
  6. Have one person feed the power cord from the bottom of the stand upwards through the frame, while the other slides the frame into the base.Tip: Inverting the frame makes this step easier. Note: The base of the stand has 2 legs larger than the others. These longer legs must face the same direction as the brackets at the top of the frame. This is required to meet hardware safety requirements.

  7. With the cable fed through and the top of the stand connected to the base, carefully tilt the stand and rest it on the box lying flat (see picture below). While tilting, be sure to hold the 2 parts of the stand so that it doesn’t come apart.


    Installing screws in bottom of Jamboard rolling stand


  8. Take the 2 halves of the cord clamp and secure them around the rubber bushing. Then, screw the cord clamp back together.

  9. Hold the clamp back into its original position and reinsert the original 2 screws to keep it in place.

  10. Face the base forward and lock the 2 back wheels.

  11. Pick up the frame and position the 4 metal brackets into the base of the stand.

  12. Using the 3mm hex tool, screw in the 8 M4 screws (with washers) to secure the frame to the base.

  13. Resting the base and the frame horizontally, take the cable grommet and insert it into the base of the stand.
    The grommet wraps around the power cord and holds it in place where the stand and base meet. For specifics on how to do this, see the instructional video.

  14. Stand it upright on its wheels.

Unbox the display

  1. There are 4 white clips at the bottom of the display box. Pinch the 2 edges in the center of each clip and pull them out.
  2. After removing the 4 clips, lift the box up and off its base. You’ll see the Jamboard display and wall mount box within.
  3. Remove the box for the wall mount and move it to the side.
  4. Slide the plastic and foam covers down as far as you can off of the display.
  5. Remove the triangle cover from the back of the Jamboard display at this time to expose the 2 black hooks that you’ll use to mount onto the stand. (Peel off the blue stickers stuck to the metal circles on the cover.) For specifics on how to do this, see the instructional video.

Mount the display onto the stand

Note: You need a minimum of 2 people to complete the following steps. The screen weighs 94.1 lbs (42.7 kg). See sizes and weights here.

  1. Engage the wheel locks found on the back wheels to keep the stand stationary. The wheels are locked when the buttons are OUT.
  2. Two people should lift the display out of the foam groove and rest it on top of the foam where the wall mount box was sitting. Remove the remaining packaging.
  3. You and another person should have a good grip on the board before lifting.
  4. With at least 2 people, lift and angle the top of the display approximately twenty degrees away from the stand. 

    Note: This step can be difficult to do on a first try. For specifics on how to do this, see the instructional video or the Floor Stand portion of the Jamboard Installation Guide.

    • Fit the black metal piece below the hooks of the display into the lip at the bottom of each bracket. 
    • Move the top of the display forward so that the hooks are mounted at the top of the brackets, right on top of the gap.
  5. Verify that you've mounted the display correctly onto the stand. 
    • Make sure the board sits at a 180-degree angle when the board is tilted back. 
    • While tilting the display, make sure that the hooks remain on the brackets attached to the stand.
  6. Screw in the 6 M5 screws (3 to each side), using the 4mm Hex tool. The screws should go in smoothly. If the holes don't line up, try remounting the board to the stand.
  7. Remove the accessory tray from within the wall mount box. It's in a thin, plastic sleeve beneath the foam insert, found when first opening the box.
  8. Place the accessory tray on top of the arms of the stand. Using the 3mm hex tool, screw in the 2 M4 screws (without washers) to attach the tray to the stand.
  9. Remove the plastic from the metal strip of the accessory tray. On the tray, place the stylus, eraser, and microfiber cloth.
  10. Place the magnetic plate back onto the rear of the display and plug the female end of the cord into the display. 
    Be sure to leave a little slack in the power cord when plugging it into the board. This helps to avoid disconnecting the power when the screen is tilted at an angle. 
  11. Plug the male end of the power cord into a nearby outlet. 

You can now power on your Jamboard.

Mount Jamboard to a wall

Use the same unboxing steps above when removing the Jamboard from its protective box, and then follow these steps  to assemble the wall mount.

Mount the display to the wall mount

  1. Position the box labeled “Display and Wall Mount” upright.
  2. Open the top to remove the Accessories box, the Small Tools box, and the foam packaging.
  3. Close the top back in its original position.
  4. On the Display and Wall Mount box, remove the 4 white clips from each side of the box.
  5. Using a Phillips head screwdriver and 4 M4 L10 screws, attach the tray arms to the wall plate.
  6. Remove the triangle cover from the back of the Jamboard display. Peel off the blue stickers stuck to the metal circles on the cover.
  7. Mount the wall plate on a wall that can support at least 109.6 pounds (49.71 kg), which is the combined weight of the Jamboard display and wall mount.

    Tip: We recommend you keep the top of the plate 60 inches from the floor.

  8. Attach the mounting arms to the back of the display. Use the 4mm hex tool to attach 6 M5 screws (3 for each mounting arm).

The holes in the mounting arms will align with the holes in the back of the display. 

When it's mounted correctly, viewing the display from the back, the arm affixed to the left side should point left, and the right arm should point right.

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