Approve or deny Calendar room & resource bookings

Your organization might want a resource manager who can accept or decline when a resource is scheduled. For example, a resource manager might make sure that a particular room is booked only by classroom trainers in the mornings. 

Set up a resource manager

A resource manager doesn't have to be an administrator, but you must be an administrator with Super Admin privileges to set this up.

  1. As an administrator, sign in to Google Calendar.
  2. Share the resource with your organization or specific people who are allowed to book the resource.
  3. Share the resource with the resource manager. Give the resource manager permission to Make changes AND manage sharing.
  4. On the Calendar Details tab for the resource, set Auto-accept invitations to be Automatically add all invitations to this calendar.
  5. As the resource manager, arrange to get resource notifications.

Now when a user schedules the resource, the resource manager gets notified and can accept or decline the event on behalf of the resource.

Accept or decline events for a resource

  1. If you haven't already done so, set up a resource manager as described above.
  2. As the resource manager, when you get email titled "New Event," click more details to go to the event. 

    Tip: If you're personally invited to the event, you'll receive both an "Invitation" message for yourself and the "New Event" message for the resource. Make sure to respond for yourself and separately on behalf of the resource.
  3. To confirm an event's booking, tentatively accept, or remove the resource from the event, click one of these:
    • Yes
    • Maybe
    • No

See all events for a resource

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar.
  2. Select the resource in the calendars list on the left. If you're an administrator, the resource will be in My calendars. Otherwise, it will be in Other calendars after you arrange to get resource notifications.
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