Support your Sites users

This article is for administrators of the new Google Sites (Publish button at the top right). Get administrator help for classic Google Sites.

The new Sites is a core service. Google provides customer support for Sites and other G Suite core services according to the scope of support for each app. 

Learn more about how to contact G Suite support.

Note: Sites is not supported in G Suite for government domains.

For information on how people in your organization create and manage beautiful sites, see the following resources.

Video introduction

Watch this quick video to learn how people can quickly build beautiful and interactive websites for your organization.

How to use the new Google Sites

Learning Center tutorials

Use the Learning Center tutorials to quickly create and publish your first site.

Help Center

Visit the ​Sites Help Center for everything your need to build, share, and publish beautiful interactive sites.


Sites adheres to the Google Drive privacy policies.

How to contact support

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