Google Sites requirements

This article is for administrators of the new Google Sites (Publish button at the top right). Get administrator help for classic Google Sites.

Sites firewall settings

In order for users on your network to access new Google Sites, your firewall rules should allow connections to the following hosts and ports. Otherwise, users may be blocked or denied access from these services.
  1. All of the Drive and docs hosts and ports.
  2. The following additional hosts using HTTPS (port 443):

Note: Embedded websites will not render unless the embedded URLs are added to the lists of hosts using HTTPs.

Sites storage limits

Sites, and the content you embed in sites, doesn’t count toward your Drive storage quota

Photos and other content added to a site is stored within that site (it’s not added to Drive or any other Google products).

Deleting a Site file also deletes the content within a site. Separate copies stored in Drive aren’t affected.

Note: Sites storage is shared among the other G Suite apps, such as Drive, Gmail, and Photos. The amount of free storage for each user depends on the type of your account.


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