Exclude data that doesn't need to be migrated

To speed up a migration with the data migration service, you can exclude some data from your legacy account.  

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Excluding data

Specify a migration start date

If you don't want to migrate old email or calendar events, specify a start date for the migration. The data migration service migrates email or calendar events from the start date to the current day, starting with the most recently dated events or messages. 

In the Migration start date section, choose an option to specify a start date:

  • Select a given period of time.
  • Select Custom date and choose the date of the earliest email or calendar event you want to migrate.
Choose to not migrate deleted or junk email

If you don't want to migrate deleted or junk email, uncheck the following boxes in the Migration options section:

  • Migrate deleted email
  • Migrate junk email
Specify folders that don't need to be migrated

You might have some folders that don't need to be migrated. For example, you might not want to migrate sent mail or your users' personal email folders.

To remove folders from a migration:

  1. Ensure the folder is a top-level folder (at the same level as the Inbox).
    You can create more than one top-level folder.
  2. When you set up your migration, check the Exclude the following folders from the migration box. 
  3. Specify the folders in a comma-separated list (for example, Sent Items, MyFolder).

    Make sure the folder name in the list is identical to the name in your mail service (for example, capitalization and spacing match).

Choose to not migrate certain Gmail labels

If you are migrating from a G Suite account and you don't want to migrate specific Gmail labels:

  1. Check the Exclude the following folders from the migration box. 
  2. Specify the labels in a comma-separated list.

    Important: You must also add All Mail to the comma-separated list. If you don't, messages from the excluded label that also have the All Mail label are migrated.

Choose to not migrate secondary calendars

If you don't want to migrate secondary calendars, uncheck the Migrate secondary calendars box.

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