Get help accessing Google Accounts

If you're trying to sign in to a Google Account and see the message " is for G Suite accounts only," see below for what to do.

What are you trying to do?

Watch a YouTube video

If you use a Google Account or device that's managed by an organization, and you can't access a YouTube video, your organization might be blocking your YouTube service.

To watch your video, try one of the following:

Sign in to a personal account (ends in

If you get this message and want to sign in to your personal account (ends in @gmail), you need to sign out of any other account that might be open in your browser. Try these steps:

  1. Sign out of any current Google Account.

    Sign out now (goes to the Google sign-in page at

  2. Close any other browser windows.
  3. At, sign in again to your personal account.
Sign in to the Google Admin console (G Suite or Cloud Identity)

If you get this message and want to sign in to the Google Admin console of a G Suite or Cloud Identity account, try these steps: 

  1. On the page with the message " is for G Suite accounts only", click Add account.
  2. Sign in with the username and password of the G Suite or Cloud Identity account you're trying to access.

    Sign in with an administrator account (doesn't end in

What is a G Suite account?

A G Suite account is an account that's set up through your work or school, a club, or maybe family or friends. It's also sometimes called a Google Cloud account.

For details, see Work or school account.

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