Add a user's profile photo

As your organization's administrator, you can upload a photo to a user’s profile. This photo show ups whenever you view the user in the Admin console, when the user communicates or shares content, and when another user rolls over their name in their inbox, Contacts, or Chat list.

You can upload JPG, PNG, or GIF photo file types of up to 100 KB for a user’s profile. The photo's dimensions can be up to 500x500 pixels.

To add a user’s profile photo:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Users.
  3. Locate the user in the list. Then click their name to open their account page.

    If your users are grouped in organizational units, select the one they belong to.

    Note: You might need to click filter to see the organization tree.

  4. Click the circle next to the user’s name to change the photo.
  5. Select a new photo from your computer and click Open.
  6. Click Upload.

Once you apply the user’s profile photo, they can view and change it by selecting their Gmail photo on their Gmail settings page. Any changes they make are reflected in the Admin console; however, you may need to refresh the user’s account page to see the updated photo.

More details about a user’s profile photo

The photo on a user’s My account page at shows up in Google products that use this information from their Google Account. If they upload a different profile photo in certain Google products, they might continue to see them there.

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