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Activate your account

Account activation connects your domain to G Suite. Once your account is activated, you can use Gmail with your domain name and start using G Suite.

Activate your G Suite account during sign up  

Activate your account when you sign up for G Suite. It takes about 20 minutes and your domain’s website won’t be affected.

Activate your G Suite account manually 

You can activate your account manually if:

  • You want to transition to G Suite in a staged rollout
  • You didn’t complete the activation steps during sign-up
1. Sign in to the Admin console

The Admin console is where you manage G Suite services for your organization.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your G Suite username that contains your domain name, such as, not your personal Gmail address. Forgot your password?
  3. If you see a Welcome to your new account message, read through the terms of service and click I accept. Continue to my account.
2. Activation steps

You can manually complete your account activation from the Admin console.

  1. Verify your domain—Add a unique record to your domain’s DNS settings to prove that you’re the domain owner.
  2. Add users—Give each user account a username and password, so they’ll have secure access to Gmail and G Suite services.
  3. Set up Gmail (MX records)—Add new MX records with your domain provider to direct your domain’s email to Gmail.
  4. Set up billing—Choose the  G Suite edition and billing options that best suit your organization’s needs.


Who is my administrator?
An administrator has permissions to manage their users’ G Suite accounts. If you signed up your organization for G Suite, you’re an administrator. Learn more
How do I sign in to G Suite if I'm signed in with another Google account?

If you don’t see your administrator account name when you sign in to the Admin console, click Sign in to a different account.

To switch between accounts on the same computer without signing in each time, see Sign in to multiple accounts.

Where can I get help?
If you’re still unable to activate your account, contact G Suite Support.


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