Google Mobile Management setup guide

Set up mobile device management

You can use Google Mobile Management to give users secure access to work apps and data on their mobile devices. When mobile device management is on, you can manage devices in the Google Admin console or by using the Google Admin app on a mobile device. 

Before you begin 

  • See what devices are supported—Supported devices include Android, Apple® iOS®, Microsoft® Windows Phone® devices, BlackBerry® 10, and devices that use Microsoft Exchange® ActiveSync®. For details, see Minimum device requirements.
  • Organize your users—Use organizational units to apply different settings to groups of users. For example, you might want to allow notifications on the lock screen for managers but not for other users. For details, see Apply policies to different users.
  • Notify your users—Tell users that you're going to manage the mobile devices that they use for work. Let them know about the policies you’re going to use and how they can enroll their devices. For details, see Train your users.
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