Remigrate content with GWMME

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange

If content failed to migrate with Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GWMME), you can find information about the failure and run another migration to remigrate the data.

Locate information about failed messages

You can find information about messages that failed to migrateinthe status log file, which is located in one of the following folders:

  • %localappdata%\Google\Google Apps Migration\Tracing\ExchangeMigration\Status
  • C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\Google\Google Apps Migration\Tracing\ExchangeMigration\Status

The status log file provides details on the migration and includes the following information about messages:

  • FailCount value—Number of failed messages
  • MessageTo—Email address of recipient
  • MessageFrom—Email address of sender
  • MessageSubject—Email message subject
  • MessageAttachments—Name of email attachment
  • ErrorMessage—Reason for failure

Find users affected by migration errors

Use the GWMME migration reports to find users affected by an error:

  1. Click Startand thenRunand thenGWMMEand thenShow reports.
  2. Next to Total Errors, click the value.
  3. Under User Level Errors, find the error code.
  4. Next to Users Affected, click the value to show the email addresses of the users affected by the error.

Migrate content again

Before remigrating your content, consider these best practices:

Email messages

  • Set up GWMME to migrate the user’s email and select the Migrate all data option.
  • Previously migrated messages are not duplicated, but their status might be reverted (for example, read mail could become unread and old labels could be assigned to messages).

Calendar events

  • Delete the user’s calendar.
  • Set up GWMME to migrate the user’s calendar and select the Migrate all data option.


  • Avoid remigrating contact data you already migrated. If you remigrate contacts and choose Migrate all data, duplicate contacts are created in Google Workspace.
  • If you need to remigrate contact data, first delete the data you migrated originally and then run a new migration.
  • If duplicate contacts are created, you can use Google Contacts to merge them.

You can remigrate content using the computer interface or the command line.

Option 1: Use the computer interface

  1. Open GWMME.
  2. Click through to the Review GWMME Settings screen.
  3. Check the Migrate all data and Migrate boxes.
  4. Click Nextand thenStart.

Option 2: Use the command line

For details about using the command line, go to Run GWMME from the command line.

  1. Open a command prompt (CMD) window.
  2. Enter cd and navigate to the location of the GWMME installation.
  3. Enter the --force_restart command.

Note: If you want to run another migration without remigrating previously migrated data, it's best to run it from the same machine that the original migration was run from (a record is made locally of data that was transferred).


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