Remigrate content with GSMME

G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange

If content failed to migrate with G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GSMME), you can run another migration to remigrate the data.

Where can I find information about messages that failed to migrate? 

You can find this information in the Status log file which is located in one of the following folders:

  • %localappdata%\Google\Google Apps Migration\Tracing\ExchangeMigration\Status
  • C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\Google\Google Apps Migration\Tracing\ExchangeMigration\Status

The Status log file provides details on the migration, including the following information:

Field name Description
FailCount value Number of failed messages
MessageTo Email address of recipient
MessageFrom Email address of sender
MessageSubject Email message subject
MessageAttachments Name of email attachment

Reason for failure 


How can I find which users are affected by a migration error? 

You can find which users are affected by an error in the GSMME migration reports. To open the reports, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start > Run > GSMME > Show reports.
  2. Next to Total Errors, click the value. 
  3. Under User Level Errors, find the error code.
  4. Next to Users Affected, click the value to show the email addresses of the users affected by the error.

How do I remigrate content with GSMME?

You can remigrate content with GSMME using the desktop interface or the command line

Option 1. Use the desktop interface

  1. Open the latest version of GSMME.
  2. Depending on where you are migrating the data from, configure GSMME using one of the following sets of instructions:
  3. On the Review GSMME Settings screen, check Migrate all data and Migrate.
  4. Click Next, and then click Start.

Option 2. Use the command line

  1. Open a command prompt (CMD) window.
  2. Use the cd command and navigate to the location of the GSMME installation.
  3. Type --force_restart.

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