Monitor API quotas

API quotas protect the Google infrastructure from an automated process that uses excessive amounts of API requests. API quotas block traffic when the level of requests reaches the daily API quota level. 

Migrations generate many API requests. It's possible that your migration may exceed daily API quota levels when you migrate data to G Suite—and this can cause migration delays. 

To avoid migration delays, it's important that you estimate and monitor your migration traffic carefully. 

To monitor API traffic from your Google Cloud Platform Console:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console and sign in as a G Suite super administrator.
  2. From the Project list, select the project you're using for the migration.
  3. On the left, click APIs & authand thenAPIs.
  4. On the Enabled APIs tab, click the API you want to monitor.
    • The Usage tab shows how many requests are being made over time.
    • The Quotas tab shows the daily quota you have remaining. 

To increase the quota for an API, you can apply using the Apply for higher quota link on the Quotas tab. Applying for increased quota doesn't guarantee approval, which can take some time to process.

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