Use Google Cloud Connect to submit ideas for G Suite

If you've got an idea for a G Suite product, you can submit it as a Feature Idea in Google Cloud Connect. Others in the community can see your idea and vote on it if they like it. You can also view other people's ideas and vote on the ones you like.

Who can submit a Feature Idea?

All in-production customers and fully-contracted partners can submit a Feature Idea. If you are unable to access Feature Ideas, contact support.

To submit a Feature Idea:

  1. Sign into Google Cloud Connect
  2. Navigate to Feature Ideas and click Submit.
  3. Give your feature a title and description. You can add special formatting to the description.

    Note: When you're typing your Feature Idea's title, you might get a list of ideas with similar titles.  If you see something that looks similar to your idea, take a look at it before posting to avoid duplicating an idea.

  4. Add a primary product and tag your idea with relevant keywords to make it easier to find. You can also add a secondary product. 
  5. The In a Place field is prepopulated. There is no need to change this.
  6. Add tags to make your idea easier to find. 
  7. Click Publish.

Your idea will be posted in Google Cloud Connect Feature Ideas and made available to other members of the community to browse and vote on.

In what language can I submit a Feature Idea?

At this time, you can only submit a Feature Idea in English. In the future, we plan to add support for Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese (in that order) and eventually other languages. 

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