Manage my domain (for business email powered by G Suite)

This option only applies to customers who purchased business email powered by G Suite. This means that you signed up and bought your business email and domain name through a promotion in your personal Gmail account. Learn More

Manage your Google domain in G Suite

To see your Google Domain information:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Domains.

    To see Domains, you might have to click More controls at the bottom.

  3. Click Add/remove domains.

On the Domains page, you can see:

  • When your Google domain was registered
  • When your domain is set to auto-renew
  • Your domain’s auto-renewal details
  • All of the terms of service information

The Google Domain is displayed in the Domains section of the Admin Console.

To end auto-renewal of your domain, click Cancel your domain billing subscription. Learn more.

To manage your billing settings (such as updating your billing address or form of payment) for your domain, click Apps billing icon in your Admin console.

Manage DNS records, Contact information, and privacy settings

  1. Click Manage your domain through Google Domains on the Domains section of the Admin Console. The Domains dashboard appears.
  2. Click DNS icon to view your domain’s DNS settings. This tab shows:
    • Name servers - The Google name servers are listed. If you choose to transfer your domain to a different host, you can enter custom name servers for that host here. Learn more
    • Registered hosts - Here you can register public hosts on your domain by IP address so they can be found without first resolving your domain in the DNS. Learn more
    • Synthetic records - Here you can add synthetic records which allow you to add features to your domain.

      Learn more

    • Custom resource records - Here you can add resource records which define how your domain behaves.

      Learn more

  3. Click Domains Gear icon to access settings to view your domain contact information, privacy settings and domain lock. You can edit your contact information or adjust your privacy settings here.

Tip: To change your billing cycle or transfer your domain to a new host, you’ll have to set up your domain billing subscription first.

Manage a domain you brought to G Suite

If you brought your existing domain to business email powered by G Suite, then you manage that domain through your domain host. We can help you identify your domain host.

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