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When switching to Google Apps, you and your users can migrate your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data to the new Google Apps accounts. You can run the migration for your team, or an individual user can migrate their own data.

You can migrate data to your Google Apps account from:

  • Microsoft® Exchange servers
  • IBM Notes/Domino
  • Any email server that uses IMAP, such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes/Domino, Novell®, and Dovecot
  • ISPs such as GoDaddy® and email services that provide IMAP access
  • Webmail hosts such as Yahoo!® Small Business, the AOL® service, and other services that use POP
  • Personal Gmail and Google Apps for Work accounts
We provide migration tools, online help, and support. You can also find migration tips and advice in the product forums.

Basic steps

  1. Identify what you need

    • List the sources for your mail, calendar, and contacts data. For example, do you have email stored in Microsoft Exchange Server? Do any users have POP clients?
    • Decide what data you need migrated to Google Apps. Is it mail, contacts, or calendar data? Or a mix of the three?
    • Identify how much data to migrate. Do you need all the legacy data, or is a partial migration (emails from the past 90 days, for example) OK?
  2. Choose your migration tools

    There are multiple tools available. The tool you select depends on the type of data you want to migrate and where your data is stored. You don't need advanced technical expertise to use some of the tools and some can be run by your users. Learn more about choosing your migration tools.

  3. Run your migration

    • Add your users to Google Apps so their data can be migrated to their new accounts.
    • Set up your migration tool and run a test migration.
    • Notify your team about their data being available in Google Apps.
    • Run the full migration for your team or help them run the migration tools themselves.

    Learn more about planning your deployment.

Ready to begin? Choose your migration tools

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