Set up Hangouts for G Suite

If you are a G Suite administrator who is ready to start using Google Hangouts with your team, review the recommended steps below to get started.

Or follow our easy Quick Start guide.

As a G Suite administrator:

  1. Enable Hangouts video calls

    Hangouts video calls are enabled by default, but you may need to turn this feature on if it was previously turned off by an administrator.
  2. Turn on Hangouts chat in G Suite

    Hangouts chat is enabled by default for all new organizations. If your organization currently uses Google Talk, you can turn on Hangouts Chat to unlock even more features.
  3. Simplify external guest access to video calls

    Change this optional setting to automatically allow external guests to join video calls after they start.
  4. Install Hangouts on all your devices

    Install the Hangouts app on your mobile and desktop devices to make sure Hangouts is available when and where you need it.
  5. Optimize your network for Hangouts

    Make sure your network is optimized to support a seamless chat and video call experience.
  6. Support your Hangouts users

    Make sure your Hangouts users have the information they need to get started.
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